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automatic hydraulic brick making machine

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There are one of top machine in block making machine series, that is automatic hydraulic press machine, why it can achieve that crown:

First of all, the static pressure brick machine is used to make cement bricks by strong pressure. The ordinary block molding machine is formed by vibration and a small amount of pressure. The noise generated by vibration has a great impact on the environment. They are produced in remote places and market transportation is very inconvenient.

Secondly, the static pressure brick machine has a large forming pressure, high compactness and high hardness. The produced bricks can be directly stacked by the palletizer without pallet maintenance. Traditional block molding machines need to be made. The cement bricks can not be palletized until they are placed on a pallet and cured to a certain hardness.

Finally, there are many types of cement bricks in the production of static pressure brick machines, which can produce autoclaved lime sand bricks, antique bricks, imitation stone bricks, pavement bricks, color bricks, ordinary cement bricks, hollow bricks, etc., depending on the technology of the static brick machine. Advantages in production and technology, but also affected by national policies. Investment in new environmentally friendly building materials and equipment can enjoy the state's support policies to varying degrees, which shows that this brick making machine is a very potential brick making machine equipment. With the rapid development of new-type urbanization, the static pressure brick machine is definitely an ideal investment choice for investment in the building materials industry.

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