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Quanzhou Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in block making machine. Our block making machine is made by a global pool of highly dedicated people working closely together to ensure our customer's success.Use Germany technology Frequency Conversion machinery. People with the outstanding expertise, commitment and drive make profitable advancements, reach new heights in service and deliver real results.
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Quanzhou Yixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located at west coast Cultural and historical city, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province
Yixin Block Machine

Yixin Block Machine is a professional machine manufacturer specializing in the production of concrete products such as blocks, pavers, curbs and imitation stone bricks. 
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The company has strong technical strength can design and produce complete sets of equipment of different types and specifications for users.
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Foreign friends taking photos on the spot .Yixin brick machine has an excellent team with strong R&D strength and independent intellectual property rights. 

  • March,24, 2020
    block machine opearation

    Everything needs maintenance, so does the brick machine. Here Yixin non-burning brick machine manufacturers give newcomers some suggestions.① Check the source line and junction box in time before production to avoid rain, rust, and waterproof work. The equipment needs to be maintained and maintained

  • March,24, 2020
    Development status and trends of new types of wall materials

    Development status and trends of new types of wall materials such as foreign concrete blocks Newly developed wall materials in industrially developed countries have accounted for 60% -90% of the entire wall material, and 80% -100% of newly-built dwellings use high-efficiency thermal insulation

  • March,24, 2020
    what is the advantage of free pallet brick machine

    First of all, pallets are not needed, and palletizing is done now; we all know that pallets are generally made of wood and bamboo, and the service life will not be very long, which is not particularly environmentally friendly. China does not need a pallet, and has truly achieved energy conservation

Binjiang Machinery Manufacturing Base, Xiamei Town, Nan'an, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)
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  Binjiang Machinery Manufacturing Base, Xiamei Town, Nan'an, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)




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