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Everything needs maintenance, so does the brick machine. Here are  some suggestions from yixin 

① Check the source line and junction box in time before production to avoid rain, rust, and waterproof work. The equipment needs to be maintained and maintained in rainy weather, and it should be regularly maintained in normal times to avoid accidents and affect non-burning bricks. Production has brought many inconveniences to users. Waterproofing measures must be strengthened to avoid the damage of rain to the internal circuit of the equipment, and more importantly, to protect the safety of the motor unit.

② Before starting the equipment, check the clutch, brake, wire rope and other accessories of the non-burning brick to ensure its goodness. There must be no foreign objects in the drum, and foreign objects must be eliminated. Pay attention to these small details to ensure the normal operation of the burn-free brick machine equipment.

③ Safety production is the belief of each customer. During the operation of the non-burning brick, care must be taken not to put tools and hands into the drum to avoid accidents.

④ For the hydraulic system, always keep the oil pipeline and the inside of the hydraulic station clean. Pay attention that the oil temperature is not too high, so as not to affect the performance of the machine.




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