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different type of color paver

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First, grass  bricks

Pavement tiles for lawns. Very green and environmentally friendly materials. It is made of high-density polyethylene recycled plastic, and its design is also beautiful. Every grid will emit green grass every spring. It is very interesting. It also adds a green landscape to the maturity and makes the air more fresh Clean and comfortable to look at.

It is mainly used in parking lots, sidewalks, golf courses, sports fields, community access routes, etc. It retains green for the city and can also be used as a load-bearing ground.


Second, permeable sponge paver bricks

The permeable brick, as its name implies, can accept very good water permeability. The material of the product itself has water seepage holes, and the rain water holes flow to the ground when it rains, so that the road surface is kept dry, and this material has a certain strength, very resistant to compression and bending, it can be said that the function is very powerful, and its price It is also affordable and is used most in urban areas.


Third, rubber floor tiles

This is a relatively new type of floor tile decoration, and its anti-slip function is particularly powerful. The rubber floor tile is made of two different high and low materials, which can be skid-proof and shock-absorbed, wear-resistant and anti-static, long life, and protected from light. It is very comfortable for people to walk on it. The biggest feature is non-slip, so it is often used in sports fields, sports places for the elderly and children, and can achieve the effect of protection.





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