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what is the advantage of free pallet brick machine

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First of all, pallets are not needed, and palletizing is done now; we all know that pallets are generally made of wood and bamboo, and the service life will not be very long, which is not particularly environmentally friendly. China does not need a pallet, and has truly achieved energy conservation and emission reduction.


2. Secondly, automatic board feeding, feeding, pressing, and board discharging are easy and easy to learn. Efficiency is the most important magic weapon to participate in market competition. Under the same production conditions, the improvement of efficiency can reduce production costs and increase market share. Only 2-3 people are needed at the production site, which greatly saves labor costs.

3. Once again, the configuration is simple and the maintenance is convenient! In the process of using the machine, the most feared is the failure, which will seriously affect the production efficiency, and the maintenance of the pallet-free brick machine is convenient, which can greatly reduce this disadvantage. .

Moreover, the tray-free brick machine adopts integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies to make each cycle of the equipment operation consistent, so the molded product has high stability and low rejection rate.





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